ford cortina

1980 Ford Cortina 1.6L


Once a popular sight on roads across the UK, sadly now the Mk5 Cortina’s have become scarce.

This example has only had 1 previous owner. Finished in blue with a full length sliding sunroof.

Being the 1.6 L it’s a fairly basic model, classic sales reps car!
The more luxury and better models such as the Ghia seem to have survived in much larger numbers.

It’s showing 60,000 miles although I cannot prove it I’d say it is genuine mileage.

Obviously it’s had an elderly owner, glovebox still has all the bits & pieces plus seat covers etc.

The bodywork requires work, the worse place appears to be on the tops of the front wings / inner wings “this can be seen in the pictures”
Generally it’s in very good shape, boot floor and spare wheel well is all excellent. This will make a cracking car.

Sunroof works well and does not leak, an expensive item to have fitted.

Mechanically. The car runs well, exhaust back box is blowing.

It wouldn’t take a lot to have the car back on the road.